Sunbeam Electric Blanket Review
including their Brands Slumber Rest, Therapedic, Royal Nights, Imperial and others

The non-profit Electric Blanket Institute™ presents a professional, scientific and unbiased review of Sunbeam heated electric blankets. We tell you the advantages and the disadvantages as we see them so you can decide if these products are right for you or not.

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Sunbeam is still the largest producer of electric blankets, electric throws and heated mattress pads in the USA. Until the year 2000, Sunbeam had enjoyed virtually ALL the American market in warming blankets for over a decade but their market share has been eroding over the past several years as other companies introduced both cheaper and more fully featured products. Sunbeam produces many models in many different fabrics (woven, fleece, microplush), many different colors, feature variations and price points so you must look carefully at the model descriptions in order to purchase the one that’s right for you.

Review of the Sunbeam Electric Blanket -- the Pros and the Cons

The Pros:

  • Most Sunbeam heated blankets are economical to purchase.
  • They can lower your home heating costs substantially.
  • All are machine washable and partly dryable in your home dryer.
  • They are generally reliable since their current technology has been used virtually unchanged for almost two decades. All their blankets use the same heating technology and they have sold many millions of warming blankets using it.
  • They produce the warmest blankets sold in America.
  • All their King and Queen sized blankets have dual controls so that each person can control the warmth on their side of the bed.
  • The heater wire connector exits at the foot of the blanket through a fabric buttonhole about 6” from the bottom edge of the blanket which allows 5” or so at the foot to be tucked in if you desire.
  • The Dual controls have a wiring system which requires only one wall outlet socket.
  • Sunbeam Warming Blanket Controllers:
    • Some are digital push button and some are rotary dial. About 8 different shapes are available with different models.
    • Some feature a pre-heat setting for warming up the bed in a shorter amount of time.
    • All include lighted heat settings and some dim themselves after a short time.
    • All feature an auto-off. Most shut down at 10 hours but one new one is adjustable to 2, 6 or 10 hours.
  • All of their blankets carry a 5 year warranty against design and manufacturing defects.
  • All of Sunbeam’s electric blanket products are certified by the safety rating agency ETL as conforming to UL Standard 964 (the recognized electric bedding safety standard in the United States). 

The Cons:

  • Due to Sunbeam’s older wiring technology, called PTC, the heater wires are quite large and stiff which some people find uncomfortable.
  • Also due to this unique technology, these warming blankets lose a portion of their heat each year.
  • The heater wires are free to move around somewhat within the blanket which can allow cold spots to develop.
  • Because it contains some electronics, the size of their cord connector at the foot of the blanket is quite large.
  • Dual controls have only one connector in the middle of the blanket which can lead to controller mix-ups.
  • If you pull the blanket down towards to foot of the bed far enough to tuck it in, you may feel that the head end is short, depending upon how high up you prefer your blanket.
  • Their woven products are made with inferior fabrics which pill and shed and are not soft.
  • Their plush and fleece blankets have soft fabric but their large stiff heater wires still affect comfort.

Who Are These Blankets For?

Sunbeam’s electric blankets are meant for those people who want a very warm blanket while they save home heating costs.

Choosing the Best Electric Bedding For YOU

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