Heated Electric Blankets with Inverters

We often get asked about using heated electric blankets or heated electric mattress pads with inverters. It seems that many folks have experienced problems with them in their campers or their boats. People like to use electric blankets in their RV or boat instead of running their heaters or furnace because electric blankets and mattress pads are more energy and fuel efficient. Obviously it costs less to heat one's bed than their whole RV.

ALL heated electric blankets and mattress pads (and heated throws) bought for the United States market will function as well with FULL WAVE inverters as they do with shore power. However most brands will not work consistently with MODIFIED sine wave (MSW) inverters due to the type of control electronics they employ. Some electric blanket controllers have even been known to “fry” when connected to MSW inverters.

There is only one brand of electric blankets, electric mattress pads and electric throws that we have found to consistently test well with MSW inverters. It is the SoftHeat Low Voltage™ line of heated products from Perfect Fit Industries in Charlotte, NC.

Perfect Fit has been producing these Soft Heat Low Voltage products since around 2003 and they are very safe, work well and generally receive good reviews for their comfort and ease of care. For more complete information on these products, see our reviews of their blankets or their mattress pads.

Cautionary note for those with fold-up beds: Underwriters Laboratories (UL) states that you should not use an electric blanket or mattress pad on a fold-up bed. The heating wires can get damaged when the bed is folded into a couch. Of course, if you are willing to take the product off the mattress before closing it up, this would not apply. The key point is not to fold the heater wires sharply and repetitively or allow any of the control cords to get caught in the fold-up mechanism.







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