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  • Why should I use an electric blanket or mattress pad?
  • How many electric blankets and electric mattress pads are sold each year?

Why Use an Electric Blanket or Mattress Pad?

There are many good reasons for using warming bedding such as:

  • To pre-warm the bed thus avoiding the chills of getting into a cold bed.
  • To save energy and fuel costs.
  • To keep warm in a cool room without the weight of heavy blankets or comforters.
  • To reduce the pains associated with sore muscles, arthritis, fibromyalgia, etc.
  • To manage the individual comfort of two people in one bed (Dual Control Models).
  • To sleep better within a cool bedroom ambient while remaining warm in bed.
  • To reduce allergies.
  • To reduce sinus problems.

How Many Electric Blankets, Mattress Pads and Throws Are Sold Each Year?

The use of electric blankets and especially electric mattress pads as been growing for the past several years now as the population ages and as people try to save on home heating costs. Additionally today’s heating blankets and mattress pads are more comfortable and have more features than yester-years'.

United States
Approximately 4 ½ million of these products are sold each year in the USA alone and it is estimated that there are about 25 to 30 million units in use here.

Europeans also purchase around 4 million pieces of warming bedding with the UK, Italy and Germany leading the way at around 800,000 pieces each. Australians and New Zealanders purchase around 50,000 pieces each year. Japanese and Korean sales numbers are harder to come by but they are significant.
China’s purchase quantities are impossible to find since so many are made and sold in “garage shops” there but conceivably as many as 30 million are sold there each year. The vast majorities of these are sized very small (more like our USA throws) and poorly constructed. We have purchased electric blankets from “department stores” in China for as little as US$7, so anyone can imagine the product quality associated with that price even there.


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