Most Frequently Asked Questions

Heated Electric Blankets and Heated Electric Mattress Pads

Over the years, we’ve had the pleasure of helping thousands of people with our “personalized recommendation services”. Unfortunately due to an overloading of our resources, we’ve had to discontinue this popular service.

Below are the questions that we were most commonly asked. Clicking on any question will take you to an article addressing that particular one. You may also want to visit our Heated Blanket Comparison Chart or our Heated Mattress Pad Comparison Chart which show the major brands available in the USA. It provides much the same information as below but in a comparative view format.


  1. Which is the safest electric bedding available and why?
  2. Which is the safest heated electric mattress pad and why?
  3. Does anyone make safe waterproof electric bedding?
  4. Is it safe to use electric bedding with pets sleeping in my bed?
  5. Can I use an extension cord with my electric bedding?
  6. Can an electric blanket cause cancer?
  7. What about electric blanket EMF’s?
  8. Can a diabetic person use heated bedding?
  9. Should a pregnant woman use electric bedding?
  10. Can a person with a pacemaker use electric bedding?


  1. Which is the softest electric blanket available today?
  2. Which is the most comfortable electric mattress pad available today?
  3. Which electric bedding has the smallest wires?
  4. Can a heated mattress pad really ease the pains of arthritis or fibromyalgia?
  5. Can a heated mattress pad help with allergies?


  1. Does any electric bedding have an ON and OFF timer (or can one be plugged in to a simple lamp-type ON-OFF timer)?
  2. Do they all shut down at 10 hours?
  3. Which is the easiest electric bedding to care for (washing/drying)?
  4. Which is the easiest brand to understand (asked mostly when purchasing for elderly person)?
  5. Does all electric bedding have the controller wires under the length of the bed?


  1. What will I get if I buy a cheap heated electric blanket?
  2. What will I get if I buy a cheap heated electric mattress pad?
  3. Where should I buy my electric blanket or mattress pad? Answer: A link to resources for buying is included at the bottom of every page of this Consumer Guide.


  1. Which is the hottest electric blanket available today?
  2. Can I put a comforter on top of my electric blanket?
  3. Which electric blanket warms up the fastest?
  4. Which electric blanket heats the most evenly (no hot or cold spots)?
  5. Which electric mattress pad heats the most evenly (no hot or cold spots)?
  6. Are heated mattress pads hotter than heated blankets?
  7. Do some mattress pads warm more in the foot area?


  1. What is your opinion of heated electric mattress pads compared to heated electric blankets?
  2. Which brand is your favorite and why?
  3. Which is the best cheap or LOW COST electric blanket?
  4. Which is the best cheap or LOW COST electric mattress pad?


  1. Where can I purchase an electric blanket for my Cal-King size bed?
  2. Can I use an electric blanket with an inverter in my RV or boat?
  3. Can I use electric bedding with my memory foam mattress?
  4. Can I use electric bedding with my SleepNumber® or other air mattress?
  5. Can I use electric bedding with my adjustable bed?
  6. Which electric bedding is the most durable or will last the longest?
  7. Can you recommend an electric blanket for camping?
  8. What are heated electric mattress pads?






Choosing the Best Electric Bedding For YOU

1. Before You Buy – A MUST Review: the Lead Page of the Buyer's Guide offering:

  1. Major considerations before your purchase; and,
  2. Links to all of our Reviews and Ratings sections

2. Ready to Buy? If you want to see a list of retailers carrying each of the major brands of Heated MATTRESS PADS this year, click Heated Mattress Pad Retailers OR for Heated BLANKETS, click Stores Selling Electric Blankets.

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