Electric Blanket Smallest Heating Wires Award [Editor’s Choice]

One of the most frequent questions we are asked is: Which heating blanket or heated mattress pad has the smallest wires? When people ask this question, the most obvious thing on their mind is comfort. So we discuss heating wire SIZE but also heating wire FLEXIBILITY, both of which are equally important for comfort.

Heater Wire Sizes Compared:

Each manufacturer uses the same heater wire in ALL of its models of electric blankets and electric mattress pads. Here are the results:

Manufacturer Wire
Compared to the
Winner - SoftHeat®
SoftHeat (Low Voltage) Round .0016 sq. in. Smallest
Serta (120V) by PFI Round .0079 sq. in. 4.9X larger
Biddeford (120V) Round .0079 sq. in. 4.9X larger
Sunbeam (120V) Oval .0071 sq. in. 4.4X larger

The SoftHeat Low Voltage wires were the smallest by far.

Heater Wire Flexibility:

Most people are concerned with the size of the heater wires. Just as important is the flexibility of the heater wires.

The SoftHeat due to its small size is also clearly the most flexible. The Biddeford and Serta by PFI heating wire come in the middle and lastly we found the Sunbeam heater wires to be quite stiff and inflexible. The more flexible heater wire will obviously provide you a more comfortable sleep.

Heater Wire Stiffness Comparison Test

Results of Our Heater Wire Comparison Testing - equal lengths inserted into holes in test dowel rod.



The SoftHeat® Low Voltage heating wire is the easy winner in this category.







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