California King (CalKing) Electric Blankets

California King Size (or CalKing for short) heated blankets are NOT produced for the USA market today. If you have a 72” X 84” Cal King mattress you will need to use a regular King (Eastern King) heated blanket. ALL of the 750,000 King Size electric blankets sold annually in America are finished to a size of 100” wide and 90” long. If this doesn’t appeal to you, the available alternative is to use a CalKing heated mattress pad which all the manufacturers make to fit the 72” X 84” dimensions.


Since your CalKing mattress is 4” longer than a regular King mattress, you should also consider the size and location of the blanket connector when purchasing
your new King blanket. Some electric blankets have their connectors located 5” to 9” from the bottom edge of the blanket. They exit the fabric shell through a
buttonhole. Additionally some connectors are quite large and heavy since they contain electronic components necessary for their particular design. You will want
to be careful that these connectors don’t hit your feet during your sleep. You can avoid this problem in one of two ways:

  1. By keeping the blanket located extra far toward the foot of the bed so that the connector hangs off the edge of the mattress; or,
  2. By purchasing a brand of blanket that allows its connector to exit the very bottom edge of the blanket instead of exiting a buttonhole higher up. At present only the SoftHeat™ brand of warming blanket has this design and due to its low voltage it employs a very small size connector too. See The Electric Blanket Institute’s review of SoftHeat™ Low Voltage blankets.

Additionally since your Cal King mattress is 6” narrower than a regular King mattress, you should take more care not to bunch up your blanket on the sides. All
UL listed electric blankets sold in the USA today have over-temperature protection built in to avoid overheating and fires. But why take a chance on ruining your
product? Don’t bunch it up.







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